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58595-0010 Calibrating Sleeve
58595-0010 Calibrating Sleeve
58595-0010 CALIBRATING SLEEVE Tool used for the Coupling Rod Replacement Procedure. EC135 / H135 - EC145/H145/BK117 Main Rotor Actuator. SB EC135‐67‐040 EASB EC135-67A-039 LIEBHERR  L-1643-MTA-0003   MATERIAL:   EN 1.4301 / AISI 304  Stainless Steel grade. SURFACE: Electrolytical Polished. IDENTIFICATION:  P/N laser marking.  
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SGHK-4   Cargo Hook Load Test Bench
SGHK-4 Cargo Hook Load Test Bench
Instruction Manual
SGHK-4 has been designed to safety perform proof load tests up to 4500 kg (9923 pounds) in different cargo hook sizes and configurations.
  • Light and compact heavy duty frame built to last with handles for easy transport.
  • Polycarbonate protection shield.
  • High resolution analog pressure gauge (calibration certificate included).
  • Ready to use, no additional hardware needed.
  • Able to test electric swivel bearings.
For further information about SGHK-4 compatibility in different hook types ask to:
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SG 8819364000  Wrench and Retainer
SG 8819364000 Wrench and Retainer
Data Sheet
This tool is used for Module 01 power drive seal replacement. Attached to the splined flange of the power drive, this tool is used to guide and unlock/lock the securing nut of the flange.  
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